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Labradorite Decorative Headdress Pendant

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Labradorite Decorative Headdress Sterling Silver
Often my jewellery designs are inspired by nature or my interpretation of nature where I simplify shapes and lines I see.  Other times my jewellery designs are created by playing around with and putting together wire shapes.  The design for this Labradorite Decorative Headdress Pendant was inspired by a painting I saw on Facebook by Sarah Travis of Sarah Travis Art, Design and Illustration entitled Indian Summer.
Focussing on some of the shapes within Sarah's painting, I made some initial sketches thinking about different shaped cabochons.  Then I chose a labradorite teardrop cabochon from my materials stock and created a design based on the shape of that cabochon.
Next I made a bezel setting for the cabochon and created some decorative embellishments with handmade silver balls and hammered wire loop shapes.  I had to change the design a little at this stage as I had to take into consideration how I would attach the wire shapes to the bezel setting. I discovered I was able to solder beaded wire on to the top of hammered wire and am looking forward to using this technique in future designs.
Whilst I was creating the pendant, I decided to add some beaded wire around the lower part of the bezel setting.

I really enjoyed designing and making this pendant and am already pondering over variations using different shaped cabochons.

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